Dimensions: 12.6*12.6*12.6cm
1.Anti-corrosion PP plastic shell.
2.A new generation of electonic water level detection system applied to have auto power-off function when waterless.
3.Container max capacity 100ml.
4.Five stages of timing system (timing 10sec/1hr/2hr/continuousspray on/off)
5.Indpendent ten segments LED colorful situation lamp/indpendent four segments LED warm yellow situation lamp.(full bright/semi bright/gradual change/Fixed/off)
6.Ultrasonic Oscillator Frequency:24 MHZ to vaporize the water as well as maintain integrity of the essential oil.
7.Can work for about 10 hours with full water by intermtent spray function

Out of the mist mouth

At the bottom of the

The power adapter

The tank calibration